Impact Mfg » A Case to be Made for ‘Burnt Out’
A Case to be Made for ‘Burnt Out’

PUBLISHED: 11:40 GMT, 23 September 2015

A Case to be Made for ‘Burnt Out’

Most people associate “burnt out” as a state of psychological exhaustion caused by extreme stress. Common symptoms include a lack of motivation, decreased productivity, and an often disheveled appearance. In the contemporary world of apparel manufacturing however, “burnt out” means something very different. In fact, at Impact Manufacturing, there has been an increased demand or the “burnt out” look… for “burnt out” garments, that is.

The technique behind creating such fabric isn’t necessarily new. The basic process involves taking a mixed-fibre material (often a poly-cotton variety) and treating it with a chemical, which destroys or “burns” the cellulose fibers within the fabric (in our case, the cotton). The resulting aesthetic is an unusual transparent pattern in an otherwise intact fabric. We then take this “tufted”, 3-dimensional fabric to produce unique garments our clients love, time and time again. Soft burnt out jersey gives the classic T’s and tanks a trendy twist; burnt out terry is transformed into plush hoodies and pull-over sweaters.

Unique in both feel and touch, burnt out garments are sure to stick around, especially with today’s fashion-forward consumers. It will probably never be trendy to call someone “burnt out” as a way of complimenting his or her #ootd (outfit of the day), but one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal is always appreciated.